Cardiff Open 2020

Updated: 2020-06-06   19:54

Start date: 2020-10-03   Start time: 09:00

23 players are registered

British Adventure Golf Masters
The 2020 Cardiff Open will take place on Saturday the 3rd of October at Tee Rex Golf.

The Novice tournament will take part alongside the main event and is available to anyone who has played in less than 3 BMGA ranking events before 2020 and is either a member of the Welsh Minigolf Club or lives in Wales. Novice players will also be included in the main event, so can also become the overall winner. The top 3 in any previous Cardiff Open Novice tournament no longer qualify as a novice.

A 'pro' player is any player that is not considered a novice

The Cardiff Open will also be the 5th event in the Welsh Grand Prix. Any player who is a member of the Welsh Minigolf Club, or who has previously entered a Grand Prix event, will be eligible for Grand Prix Points

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Previous Winners
2019 Pro Ed Pope
Novice Nathan George


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Name Club Country
Martyn Williams WELSH Great Britain
Laura Skinner WELSH Great Britain
Nathan George WELSH Great Britain
David Quinn WELSH Great Britain
Seve Kukielka WELSH Great Britain
Cindy Kukielka WELSH Great Britain
Stephen Skinner WELSH Great Britain
Rhiannon Davison WELSH Great Britain
Gareth Taylor WELSH Great Britain
Simon Brown PHCGC Great Britain
Tim Novis PHCGC Great Britain
Freddie Novis PHCGC Great Britain
David Gomm PHCGC Great Britain
Paul Tutt PHCGC Great Britain
David Hartley PHCGC Great Britain
Steve Lovell SWMGC Great Britain
Ed Pope SWMGC Great Britain
Marion Hartley PHCGC Great Britain

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Name Club Country
Richard Jones WELSH Great Britain
Chris Rees WELSH Great Britain
Sally Quinn WELSH Great Britain
Ashleigh Woodham WELSH Great Britain
Stewart Harding - Great Britain

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